Terra-Solve, Inc.
Environmental Consultants

What We Do

Terra-Solve provides professional environmental consulting services to conduct multimedia environmental site assessments and investigations, risk assessments, cleanup alternatives analysis (feasibility studies), remediation planning and implementation, and other technical support, on an as-needed basis, at brownfield and voluntary remediation sites, Superfund sites, leaking underground storage tank sites, oil & gas sites, dry cleaners sites, and other types of contaminated or potentially contaminated properties.

Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction (MDPE) Services

Terra-Solve has performed MDPE services for clients as a prime vendor or subcontractor throughout Texas and other states for clients such as Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Valero, Verizon, TCEQ, and individual convenience store owners.  These sites included former refineries, industrial sites, LPST sites, truck maintenance facilities, and dry cleaners.  Terra-Solve has used various types of MDPE technologies individually or in combination with others to address a wide range of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons (diesel, gasoline, used oil, etc.), chlorinated solvents (TCE, PCE, etc.) and LNAPL and DNAPL free-phase product.